14 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Box-In : 68%

This is a simple digital version of the old version of pen and paper game. Only the one player version of the game is on offer here, which is a shame. There are options for your avatar and the background for the game. The avatar are simple clip art images. The background are OK, but a bit bright to be used as the back of the game. The game could also use some difficulty levels. Very simple, but can be fun when you are winning. 

Cable News : 58%

This one is a holder for the CNN website and the their mobile version. Nothing special here as an application, just the same thing you can do on the browser.

Savvy & Mandy : 54%

Another niche fan site for a girl band in the U.S. The application is basic and is almost the same in design as the previous ones we have reviewed. This application is basically made up of links around the internet and then brings the data together in one app.

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