14 Dec

Fish Balls is an puzzle game released by Crafty Act, LLC.

“A highly addictive casual strategy game, Fish Balls combines billiards style physics and colorful graphics into a fun-filled way to test your thinking skills and challenge your friends.”

Gameplay wise, you need to shoot and pop as many of bubbles as possible without one bouncing back into the bottom of the screen (across the line). You need to use angles to try and pop the bubble, then allowing the bubble to stay clear of your launching area.

As the game advances, you move up levels, with the bubble needing the same number of hits as the level to burst. So at level 3 a bubble will show a 3 in the centre and then each time it is touch that number will reduce.

When a bubble comes to a stop it can expand, if it is close to an edge or another bubble it cannot grow much, however, if it is in the middle of nowhere it can expand greatly.

The game is controlled by tapping the screen in the direction you wish the bubble to be launch, based on the location of the fish. So it is a good idea for the fish to move into position before shooting.

The graphics and sound, are both nice, but nothing amazing.

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Nice time killer for very casual players.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive.
  • Very basic gameplay. With only the high score to improve on.
  • Too many things on the high score screen. Score, social links and an advert.

Overall, this is a fun little game to play, and is worth download. It is paid for by adverts, but these do not get in the way of the gameplay. It is nothing amazing, but casual gamers could find a few hours of fun out of the title.

Rating: 76%

Size: 10.9 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Fish Balls – Crafty Act, LLC

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