12 Dec

The day has come that since starting InternetGumshoe I have feared most.

We have just had our funding pulled and the future of the InternetGumshoe is now very much in doubt. The group that had been supporting the website had joined when HP and webOS was being covered they saw this as a possibility to have a site that would be covering the 2nd place Tablet. However, with HP the dropping of the Touchpad and then open sourcing of webOS they feel that they can no longer support the site as in 2012 at least they do not see any new readers coming onboard.

They want to have the numbers of users to back up what they want to do. Our iOS readership is loyal but limited and our bigger numbers have been from webOS with use being visited by thousands of Touchpad owners. However, our funder see that number being static in 2012.

We tried to say that webOS was not dead and a company could start to develop a webOS tablet, even HP have said they are still interested in webOS.

This is not the death of the InternetGumshoe yet, but it is making for some tough days ahead. Advertising has been less than successful for us as most advertisers we can deal with are UK companies and our readership is around 80% U.S. This is why the funding has been so helpful for us.

We will keep you up to date as things change here and we hope to be able to keep the reviews coming.

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Posted by on December 12, 2011 in Article, Soapbox


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