12 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

World of Warcraft Armory : 69%

This application allows you to search on the World of Warcraft servers to find your character and have a look at their equipment and Talents on the move. Useful if you want to compare notes with another WoW player or look at some information away from the game. The good news is your do not need to enter your account information, but you will need to know the correct spelling on the Realm. A little buggy in places, especially if looking at multiple characters one after another (My Warlock had a buckler in her equipment list.)

Baseball Facts : 55%

A basic overview of baseball. This includes the rules and several aspects of Major League Baseball. There are the winners of the World Series from 1903 up to 2009. If you are looking to learn about Baseball for the first time it is worth a look, otherwise fans of the sport will find it generally lacking.

Bible 2.0 : 50%

Another Bible application for the Touchpad. Nothing to special here. Several versions to select from. I did not find it as good as other versions I tried, with too many links going off to the internet rather than staying in app.

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