10 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Countdown HD : 68%

A simple countdown application. Set the time and the app will alert you when the time gets down to zero. Lots of ways to enter the time, some better than others. You can even mute the alarm, which seems almost pointless to me. All said and done, a simple app that does what it set out to do.

ExhibitionCalc : 60%

This application contains a fair calculator with is nothing special compared with the built in calculator app. The benefit of this one is that it can be used in Exhibition mode, so you can use it while the Touchpad sits idle. Not so useful for me as I only have Exhibition one at night, but for someone recharging on their desks it could be useful.

Squirrel Step Free : 45%

A nice retro style intro gets you ready for a good game, but you are disappointed. The game itself is OK, but far too buggy. The idea of the game is to jump in the air when the dog finishes his third bark and repeat. At one stage during play my squirrel was stuck in the air unable to come down with three dogs on screen. If the bugs could be finded it may be worth another look.

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