08 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

AudioScape: Drums, Piano, & Soundboards : 70%

This application is a simple, but effective entertainment application. It has several screens available with sound effects from drums, guitars, piano and lots of other sound effects. This is the kind of apps that kids love. There is even fart and sneeze sound effects. You cannot do anything really serious with the app, you may just about be able to play a short song on it. One more for the kids.

The Phone Database : 66%

This is a basic application where the contents is better than the application. It has news stories on various devices and has a good range of tech spec and information on the new phones entering the market. The application itself is your basic three column display and just shows the web pages in the detail column. There website is much better laid out and you would be better off creating a browser shortcut than using the app.

Gradient Clock : 50%

This is basically an application that gives you a clock on screen within the application or in exhibition mode. The clock is fairly small in one corner of the screen. The screen itself will change colour using gradients in colour changes. Unfortunately, the app offers no options to select colours or the clock size.

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