05 Dec

With some strange apps authorised on the Apple app store and big titles crashing with the devices it is advertised to work on, you have to ask who checks these apps before they are released?

In the run up to Christmas hundreds of apps are being released in the App Store, and there have been several examples in the last few weeks of the Apple.

Big Fish’s game rental – This app was authorised for release, and then Apple pulled it when they suddenly realised it offered subscription payment.

iTether – An application that allowed you to tether without a tethering plan from the carriers. Even the name of the app gave away what it was doing, but some how it was authorised.

There have also been dozens of games released that users have complained have been crashing on their devices even with all the clearing of memory and resetting. Why is this happening more now? Well developers are pushing the devices to the limits and when they do that is issue.

It seems from reports that Apple do not test compatibility on their devices, this is up to the individual developer, which seems harsh on some developers who would need to own several devices to make sure there app will not crash.

We have seen Chair make this error with Infinity Blade 2, where it crashes and will not load on the iPad 1 where the user has more than a few applications installed. They are working on the issue, but for the buyer it does not give a good first impression.

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