04 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Fantasy Backgrounds HD (Lite) : 65%

This is a lite version of the full application. It gives you several sets of Fantasy artwork to browse through and set as your Touchpad background if you wish. There is some nice artwork here, but not all seem professionally done. If you love to change your backgrounds and like dragons and robots then this many be an app worth looking at. You can upgrade to the pro which will give more access to the images, including the ability to save the artwork to use elswehere.

Simple Weather Radar : 60%

A lite version of the Pro Weather Radar. I believe it only works in the U.S. as I tried in the U.K. and could not get a U.K. forecast. Appears to use Google Maps and then puts weather conditions over the top of the maps. May be useful if you are based in the U.S.

Tweet Viewer : 58%

This application allows you to view tweets that are matched on a @ or # symbol. So you check on the tweets by your favorite person or see what trends are going on with #webOS. The application does not require you to log onto Twitter using your account. I am not convinced of the usefulness of this application, as if you are interested in Twitter information you more than likely have an account and access to this information by your preferred Twitter client.

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