03 Dec

Jetpack Santa is a christmas based game released by Whacked Prattle.

“The most original Santa game this Christmas, developed to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust charity. The game has been developed by Whacked Prattle and Serious Games Institute to be the fun game your Touchpad has been waiting for!”

The game is fairly simple in design. It has you playing as Santa. You appear on the roof top with no presents and a jetpack strapped to your back. You need to go down to ground level and pick up parcels from your sack (you a limited to three at a time) and then you need to fly up to the windows with good children and give them their presents. Meanwhile the naught kids will throw snowballs at you.

You have a limited amount of fuel in the jetpack and this can be topped up my santa eating pies. The position of the pies can sometimes be annoying with you eating them without the need of the fuel and therefore running out before giving to presents to all the children.

Once you have delivered all the presents you wish to, you can land next to your sleigh and complete the level. You are awarded up to five stars, these depend on the time taken and the number of undelivered presents. 

The game offers only 10 stages, the first stages are simple with only a few parcels to deliver, with the final stages having ten or twelve parcels to deliver.

The game is controlled by tapping the sides of the screen, right side to make him more left and the left side to move right. Do not touch the screen and you will drop downward. You downwards movement is stopped by windows as clearly Santa is able to balance on a few inches of wood.

The graphics are nicely drawn and the sound effects of Santa are nice too.

On the upside:

  • Christmas Themes.
  • Nice sound effects.
  • For Charity.

On the downside:

  • Controls take time to get use to.
  • No longevity for older kids and adults (the 10 levels can be complete in 30 minutes)

Overall, this is a nice Christmas game, but really is one for younger kids to enjoy. It is too simple and short for adults for enjoy for long. I would have thought a game designed for kids would have had slightly better controls. It your kids are looking for something with a christmas theme it is worth a look. Remember that this game is for Charity so it may be worth downloading just for that.

Rating: 70%

Size: 35.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.99

Link: Jetpack Santa – Whacked Prattle 


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