02 Dec

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

SHOEBOX Football Free : 68%

A reasonable table football game. Needs the Touchpad to be placed flat on a surface to play as it will continue to flip views. Controls are OK in one player (which you can select to be red or blue), not so great as it is two player and each player needs to stick to their own end of the Touchpad and often your fingers stray. A nice and simple game, which is fairly playable.

OpenTTD : 67%

This is basically open source version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe for the Touchpad. It looks really impressive, but it is immediately clear it is a desktop emulation. At opening in full resolution, the game is completely unplayable, as it is hard to click on anything. However, changing to a lower resolution like 640 x 480 the game can be play reasonably well. There is no sound and a few minor issues, but generally is a reasonable conversion. If you are a fan of Transport Tycoon it is worth a look.

Ultimate Hockey Free : 61%

This is a free demo of the full application so several of the options are not available. It score board with the last match results and offers links to match reports from the score or the feed list. If you are a fan of NHL then you could find this application useful, but again there is really nothing here than could not be found on a sports website.

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