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Touch Surf is a internet browsing tool released by PetzApps.

“Touch Surf is an app for browsing the internet with a Touch, it helps you to bookmark web pages. It has a collection of major websites in following categories: Social Networks, Messaging, Email, Photos, Movies & Videos, News, Banking, Business & Finance, Sports, Weather, Search & Reference, Technology, etc.”

When you open the app it is preloaded with a selection of categories each populated with big name sites in those categories.

As this is an American based application a lot of the links (especially banking) are linked to US only banks, with no links to the UK big six.

The developer have made it easy to add and remove website links, so you are able to quickly swipe delete the links that you do not want, and add in the websites you do. You will need the URL of the website to create the link.

You are also able to move the link order around, but they will swap with the link they are placed on, so this makes a little more long winded to get the links in the right order.

Touch Surf offers a three column view, with the left most column being categories, middle is for links under that category and finally the right hand column is the web browser view. You are able to collapse the column view down to just the website page if you wish, however, it is still not the full width of the standard browser so my look cramp, but there is a button to let you see open the page in a browser card.

I feel this application is very much for people who are new to the web, they want to easily bookmark page and see their favorite sites. It can also help them discover new websites they may never have looked at before. It is also useful for people who hate the bookmarking within the Touchpad browser.

The user interface is good. The application is easy to use and allows you to quickly navigate to the next website you wish to look at.

On the upside:

  • Good User Interface.
  • Good web discovery tool.
  • Great way to access your favorite websites.

On the downside:

  • A new U.K. user will not find it as useful as a U.S. user.
  • Would have been nice to be able to edit the links (change from .com or etc.
  • In-app browser experience depends on how well the external website scales.

Overall, this is a great browsing application for the total novice, who has never surfed the web before. If the Touchpad was still be sold then it would be a great app to put onto someones tablet. For more experienced users they may still find it useful, but they are more than likely using RSS feeds or Instapaper at this point. If you hate the in-built bookmarks in webOS and like dozens of sites, then this app is certainly worth a look.

Rating: 78%

Size: 4.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Touch Surf – PetzApps

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