30 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

box2d-apphack : 64%

This is a simple physics based application. Tap the screen and a random circle or square will appear and then fall to the ground. The application slows down heavily with lots of shapes. A menu to select to clear the screen or switch the scene would have been nice. You can select the scene by swiping the fingers with two fingers, but it is hard to do, I found it best to swipe two fingers down on each side of the screen.

Life Simulator : 59%

Relive those classic computer days with a life simulator, when groups of life forms group, move and wink out of existance. Select the speed and your icons from ducks to hp logos as they run though there life cycles. I was amazed how realistic this was as when I selected HP logos and they started to die out within minutes.

tlhIngan mu’ghom HD : 54%

Otherwise known as a Klingon dictionary this application help you learn some basic Klingon words and how to pronounce them. This app really needs the Klingon font installed to be fully useful, but I expect Star Trek fans may already have to font added. There is some audio, but this goes off to the internet for the sound files which vary greatly in quality. All this information is available on the web, but this brings some of it together.

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