27 Nov

Traffic Panic 3D is a traffic control game and is released by Neon Play.

“The most explosive driving game EVER! It’s rush hour, but don’t panic! Keep the traffic flowing to avoid crashes, pile-ups and blowing up the entire street!”

Traffic Panic 3D is a very simple game, you need to control a set of traffic lights, making it green for vehicles to move safely across the busy road, and red to stop the vehicles. Tap the screen to change the colour of the lights. Simple.

When you start the game the traffic that you are controlling will stop at the red light, with several vehicles moving along the road that crosses the screen left to right. When there is a gap you can release the lights and dash a few cars across before changing the lights back to red. The traffic across the screen will not generally stop, and will keep going whatever happens.

As the game progress you will earn credits which can be used to unlock vehicles or city items. These add a little extra to the game play and a better score on the crashes.

Vehicles can be purchased, such as Emergency vehicles (Police, Ambulance and Fire) can stop the traffic on the street giving more time to get a lot of vehicles across. A tanker which explodes taking out all the vehicles around it. There are also sports cars to add to the value of the crashes and you can even get a tank.

You can even purchase some buildings, like gas stations and a firework factory. Imagine the accident when a tanker hits a gas station or a firework factory.

Gameplay wise, the game is fun with even bad games getting a small credit reward. You may not find yourself playing the game for long, but going back to it when you have a few minutes to kill. The game does have the annoying habit of asking you at the end of every game to use the money you have earned or like them on facebook or use the in-app purchase to unlock everything. Once in a while would have been OK, but not every single go.

The graphics and sound are both good.

On the upside:

  • Fun crashes.
  • Universal App.
  • A fair amount to unlock.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive game play.
  • A pop-up at the end of every game. (Like Freemium games)

Overall, this game is simple and fun, it is a little too repetitive to play for long, but nice in short sessions. The in-app purchase to unlock everything though tempting would kill any longevity this game has. Casual gamers may find something here, especially at 69p.

Rating: 80%

Size: 21.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Traffic Panic 3D – Neon Play

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