26 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Death By Caffeine HD : 63%

An application which allow you to enter you weight and then calculates from your favorite drink how many you will have to consume to kill you by the caffeine intake. Much as it is useful to know that 150 servings of Red Bull can kill you, it would be nice to know our what time period, I am guessing 24 hours. At least I am safe in the knowledge that a single can will not do it. Some social networking features, but needs more to become a worthwhile application.

Decimals and Minutes : 58%

Enter Hours, Minutes or Seconds into this application and it will show how much of the others are. Useful if you want to know the one of these from another. It can also work out degrees from this too. Another basic first app by a developer trying out webOS development. Does at least have some uses.

Percent Table : 50%

This application splits 100 percent by the figure you enter into the box. That is it. Useful if you want to know how to split 100% by 12, but not much more use. Another one function app that does it function well, but its appeal is niche to say the least.

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