24 Nov

Blood and Glory is a swipe driven combat game released by Glu Games Inc.

“Some have come to witness strength, others to witness courage, but all have come for BLOOD & GLORY.”

First off I must say that this game borrows very heavily from Infinity Blade by chair.

This game puts you in control of a gladiator who fights in the arena.

You will select a tournament to enter and then you will need to fight five opponents in a row to win.

There is no story line to the game, just travel from one arena to the next to battle.

Gameplay wise this is almost the same playing Infinity Blade, however, the lack of story line and cut scenes for movement that Infinity Blade contains are sadly lacking here. You can buy your sword, shield, armour and raise your stats when you gain levels. However, you do just end up feeling that you are playing a copy of the original.

The combat is the game is very and also the same in design as Infinity blade. A button to block, two buttons to dodge (left and right) and then a special power button. The attacks are made by swiping your finger in the direction you want the weapon to go in.

The graphics are very good, but do not quite match. The sound is good, but this music repeats often.

On the Freemium side you can play for a while without the need for an in-app purchase, however, as the potions need crystals to buy them, this will mean you will need to make an in-app purchase in the end if you want to progress deeply into the game.

On the upside:

  • Very good combat game (copied from the best)
  • Free alternative to a similar title.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • Memory hungry, do not try with something else running.
  • You will have to pay real money if you want to finish this app (or get amazingly good)

Overall, if this was a game that was unique (as Infinity Blade was at the time) this would have been much better received. As it stands if you want a free game that plays like Infinity blade and you do not mind the odd advert on the menu pages it is well worth a look. However, I would stick with Infinity Blade and hold any money for the follow up which will be released in the next few weeks.

Rating: 77%

Size: 118 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium

Link: Blood & Glory – Glu Games Inc.

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