23 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Whendle 2 : 72%

This is an interesting alarm clock application. It is available as an app or within the Exhibition mode. It has a nice display with the world map and the sunlight covering the area currently in daylight. As well as the normal alarm clock features of allowing you to name your alarm and to select music for the alarm clock sound. There is a built in webOS clock application (with alarm settings), but this offers better snooze options and also the days you want the alarm to sound (so it could trigger on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Triples : 58%

This is your normal match two game, however, it adds to the difficulty by making it a match three game. To be honest interesting as the idea is, it does not add to the enjoyment of the game. It just makes the game last longer. The cards are OK, but some of images are similar and having a theme or something would have helped this game.

3 senses : 52%

This is effectly a strange “simon says” / copy the order game. The app will either flash, beep or vibrate and then you need to copy this order by pressing the buttons on the screen. The user interface lets this game down as it using the three buttons for things like starting the game. The visual is also not clear.

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