22 Nov

TrapOrJump is a board based strategy game released by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad).

“Frogs try to surround and trap the snake while the snake tries to capture the frogs jumping over. You can be frog or snake. Simply passes your time.Enjoyable and Addictive.”

This application is a basic Strategy / Puzzle game. You can select a one or two player game in which one player is the snake and the other player controls the frogs.

To win:

  • Snake – Capture two frogs by jumping over them.
  • Frogs – Trap the snake so he can jump over the frogs surrounding it.

The game offers thee levels of difficulty in the single player and you can select which side you play and if you or the other player starts first.

This all sounds well and good, however, for the frog player is it no always clear if the selected frog is active. The snake wears glasses and they disappear when active. This would not be an issue, but due to the laginess of the selection you may have tapped to the leaves to jump to, and deselected the frog before it became active.

Also the game does not show you if a movement is disallowed. So you are often tapping on the leaves and finding yourself unable to move there, for some unknown reason. For example, I was playing the snake in the open with seven free leaves to move to, but the game would not allow me to move to any of them, there was a frog in the other space, but I could not leap over that as there was a frog behind.

The game is controlled by tapping to select your character, and then tapping the leaf to move to.

My main issue with the game it very unpolished and does not work right. It is clearly designed for Portrait but locked to Landscape making you scroll to see the menu options each. Some of the graphics I have seen online from clip art sites. No sound and no “selection” images are not helpful.

The graphics are OK, but look borrowed from the web. There is no sound in the app at all.

On the upside:

  • Nice simple game.

On the downside:

  • Should play in Portrait mode, by locked to Landscape.
  • No hints to show in a move is possible or not.
  • The game seemed to stop working at times (as if a move is being forced, but you cannot find it.)

Overall, this could have been a good little strategy game, I do not think it would have been outstanding, but it could have been worth the 79p price tag. However, what you get feels unfinished and lacking on a lot of levels. If the game was playable and you could finish games I could forgive some of it, but stopping you moving mid game is really unforgivable. Give this one a miss until it gets an update. Version reviewed 1.0.1

Rating: 52%

Size: 8.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: TrapOrJump – Canny Technologies (Hyderabad)

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