21 Nov

A short while ago it was celebrated that the HP App Catalogue had over one thousands apps, and was growing, the problem is it seems like anything and everythings is being released, including a lot of rubbish.

Do not get me wrong, there are some excellent applications being released for webOS and the Touchpad. You just need to look at Advanced Browser, Graphite for Twitter, Glimpse, Incredible, SecuNote2 and TapNote. All these applications and several others are top of the range software, and even put the competiton on iOS and Android into the shade.

It is clear that these developers love webOS and want to make the most of its abilities and to produce value for money applications. These are the titles that we all want to see more of, raising the bar for other developers to match.

What I am beginning to get tired off are the huge amount of half baked demos and practice applications that are hitting the app store. iOS had the same issues when the iPhone and then the iPad were released, with developers quickly slapping something together in the hope that some people would buy it. The bright side for iOS was that soon there was so much quality software that these applications soon disappeared as there was no way they were going to sell.

webOS now faces this same issue, and I pray that with reviews and better webOS application in the pipeline these rubbish applications will disappear over time.

At the moment, it is buyer beware, we are trying to cover as many apps as we can in the “Free App Round Up”, but it is becoming depressing the amount of rubbish we are getting to look at over the last few weeks.

An application that shows you where your finger is on the screen or an application that changes your background to two or three presets are just a waste of people time to download. I am aware developers need to try things out on a new platform, but releasing your practice applications as full applications (free or otherwise) does not raise the bar, it lowers it and gives ammo to those who want to point at webOS as being a dead Operating System.

Also applications that are merely holders for webpages do not give value for money.

Even Pivot has been giving adverts to applications that are clearly broken, and not give page space to those developers who deserve the advertisement.

So developers, if you have something worth releasing on webOS, then get it out there, there is a large market of customers who want to download it. If you are a developer with a tech demo you have been considering posting on the App Catalogue, then don’t, you are wasting your time and ours, and disappointing the loyal customers that webOS has developed over the years.

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