21 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Discount Calc : 67%

A useful tool to calculate prices either from the cost price working upwards or the retailer price working downwards. Also good if you just want to see if the discount of 8% really is an 8% discount. The user interface is not the greatest, as it flicks around closing the bottom section, or having the keyboard up the entry box scrolls off the screen. With a tweak or two to the user interface this could be a very good little app. I think it is really a good phone app upsized to the touchpad, without a lot of effort to polish it.

Google Calendar Search HD : 65%

Another useful tool if you use Google Calendars a lot, it will allow you to search through your events and find the information you are looking for. Forgotten went your new girlfriends birth is, search here and find the date without having to look through the month views to find it. There is nothing to special about the application, only the search functionality. I did not like that you entered the google account data into the application and then it saved it unencrypted into a cookie. That is not great, but at least the developer lets you know and gives a method for deleting it. 

Traveling Wavefronts : 45%

Pretty waves move around the touchpad screen, with you finger you can place a light source below the waves and see how the waves effect it. That is it. Nice tech demo, but nothing else. Nice for about a minute and then you will end up deleting it.

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