21 Nov

Extraction: Project Outbreak is a solo real time strategy and is released by Chillingo Ltd.

“You play a hardened Private Military Contractor, drafted in to exterminate the infected. Featuring a unique one-finger control system, incredible visuals, a variety of weapons, four game modes, upgrades and more, Extraction will blow you away.”

This game plays a lot like a real time strategy game with you controlling a single character. You click on the location you wish the character to move to, you swipe across your enemies (mainly zombies) to define the order they will be shot at.

You will be given a mission to achieve, these are generally eliminate the enemy, rescue the scientist or repair a base. The last two being escort missions, however, the enemy will normally attack you before the people you are escorting.

As you complete the missions you will be awarded money to purchase better weapons and equipment. At the start of the game you are carrying two guns and have generades available. With the money you can upgrade to the next weapons up the list, however, you are always limited to only carrying two guns at a time.

As you kill zombies and complete objectives you are also awarded experience points, with which you can get better armour and improve some skills. 

The controls work well, but could have almost as easily been done as a twin stick shooter.

The graphics and sound are very good, but the game graphics sometimes zoom out a way, making things a little hard to make out (who can adjust the zoom to zoom back in again.)

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Lots to unlock.
  • Several hours of gameplay in the story mode.

On the downside:

  • Upgrades are slow to unlock (pushing you towards making an in-app purchase for money)
  • Crashed several times in-game while testing (memory hungry)
  • Some enemies are too fast or fire guns, making it tricky to dodge and shot.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. It mixed strategy and action very well. I think with a few of the issues sorted out, especially the crashing in-game then this would be an excellent title. I certainly hope that more missions are made available in the future. However, at 69p this game is worth a download, especially if you like your zombie hunting.

Rating: 80%

Size: 77.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Extraction: Project Outbreak – Chillingo Ltd

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