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DoInk Animation & Drawing is a full animation studio released by DK Pictures, Inc.

“Created by the team behind, an animation site that has over 200,000 users worldwide, where over a million pieces of art have been created.”

The application allows you to create animations that you can then export out and publish.

The application allows you to create animations and drawings and then put them together into a project, meaning you can use your drawings again and again.

When you start the application you can select to do a drawing or a Composition. The drawings can be animations or still images, which are created using the in-app tools on offer.

To draw is simple, just select the colour you want from the colour palette, the colour wheel or use the dropper to select a colour you have already used then select from the pen or one of the shapes then start drawing.

Animation at the drawing stage is done by duplicating drawings and then moving, rotating and resizing objects you have drawn. This is simple and leaves behind a “onion skin” showing the last frames of animation.

Once you have created some moving drawings and a background you are ready to put them into a Composition, this is a well designed animation tool. It has a time line on which each of the images can be placed, move things that you want in the background down and foreground animation to the top. As well as using the animation you have already created, you can move the objects giving lengths of movement and even if you will to loop the animation.

The best extra in this application over others is that via the Composition screen you have access to the thousands of images, animations and backgrounds that have been created by other users and add them to your own animation. What a balloon or explosion, search for it, find one you like and add it to your animation.

The user interface is very good and easy to navigate, however, you will not to learn what icons do and where some options are. For this I recommend viewing the help section and watch the two youtube videos on the basics on drawing and animation.

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Excellent animation tool.
  • Simple to create basic animates.

On the downside:

  • A little lacking in tools (only a pen and the shapes) I would have liked stamps or things like spray can.
  • Could not see an easy way to import an external image other than through the prop library.

Overall, this is a great animation tool, I really enjoyed putting some simple animations together, and then saving them off into my photo library. My eight year old son is also loves this application, especially the animations that can be accessed from the web (meaning he did not need to draw everything himself). Within minutes we were both able to use the app. This is an impressive and simple application that does exactly what you would want it too. The best animation tool I have used to date.

Rating: 88%

Size: 3 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: DoInk Animation & Drawing – DK Pictures, Inc.

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