19 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Turkey Puppet : 61%

This is a nice little application that allows you to control a puppet of a turkey. It is basic, always showing the text “Place your finger tips of your right hand on the screen”. It is tough to control as all your fingers need to be on screen at once. The wider your fingers the bigger the turkey, narrow them and the turkey gets smaller. You thumb controls the head and the fingers move the tail feathers. This issue is moving anything but the head resizes the turkey. Could have been more fun with better controls, but kids can find some fun here.

NightTime : 50%

This application puts a new clock option into Exhibition mode. It is a low light digital clock, allowing you to have a clock without as much brightness as the in built clocks. You could of course lower the brightness on the standard clocks using the brightness control. But a nice and simple solution if you like using Exhibition mode.

PressRun : 10%

I downloaded this application after seeing the page given to it in Pivot 4 (finally released today in the UK). Opened the application and saw the user guide ready for download. Downloaded it, and then it asked me to download it. I thought the download had failed, pressed again, it downloaded all the way to 100%. Then asked me to download it again. It maybe me, but I think it is broken…

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