18 Nov

Three more free iOS applications get the round up treatment.

Survival – Wildscreen [iPhone] : 74%

This is a nice little quiz game which not only allows you to learn more about animals, but also unlocks facts and photos of these creatures. The quizs are all animal based, so if you have little general knowledge of these you will game over quickly. You are given a time limit to answer questions. Get them right, get more time, get it wrong and the timer will drop. The questions soon repeat and the game tries to hard to use the touch controls, when a simple button to press would have been better.

Gmail – Google [Universal] : 72%

Google have finally released the Gmail app again, and it is an improvement on the original release. It works well, but does feel like a web app still. It is easy to navigate and for those who hate the advertisement in the web version will be glad to know they are not in the application. This application is a good start, but needs some improvements (like refreshing counts without having to switch from the current view). It would be nice if there was a better way to switch between multiple accounts rather than logging in and out.

metaViz – Hasox [Universal] : 69%

This application allows you to make interesting backgrounds for the iPad or iPhone. You have a selection of three backgrounds and then you can add and move to the particles, the background hue and the colours as you modify the base image. If you leave the app alone the particles will drift, which on a red background is like watching a lava lamp or similar. To get the background, you need to take a screen shot using the power and home button. It feel the application is a little too limited in the selection of colours and set up, I would have liked more options before opening the base image.

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