18 Nov

Many thanks for your feedback over the last few weeks about what you want to see on the website.

We have also been looking at the most viewed areas of the website and seeing what content you are going to.

As of today we are no longer going to be running the “Updated This Week”, “Cannot Stop Playing”, and “News from the last 7 days” articles that we have been posting every week. This has been due to the lack of readers and requests to keep them.

In place of these, we plan to run some “Free App Rounds Ups” for iOS as many have requested this, as they are feeling that were are overlooking free apps for iOS. We are investigating having some new regular articles but will update you later on what these will be.

We are also putting screen shots onto the iOS reviews in the near future, as Apple have now made it a hard task to obtain the application logo. This also being things in line with the webOS reviews, so it is about time we did it anyway.

Finally, we are looking at putting together a database of all our reviews, so you will be able to quickly look at the original review and see our current rating of the application. This will effectively replace our updates and re-reviews.

As allows if you have an feedback then place contact us using the link in the navigation menu or email us at

Thanks again for your ongoing readership. 

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