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The Ballad of Iron Percy is a fantasy tale released by

“Pandemona stands accused of being a Pak Shar – a dangerous and seductive demon previously seen only in Veil mythology. With her scarlet skin, lithe tail, and dainty set of horns, she certainly looks the part. Her way with words and alluring demeanor only serve to underscore this perception. Under Halan law, the punishment for being a demon is death by fire at the stake, but Pandemona is entitled to a fair trial by Lord Wilmore and the colony’s Curate before she can be convicted and executed.”

This podcast is written by Edward Clark and read by Veronica Giguere.

The story tells the tale of Lord Percival Wilmore and his son, as he tries to decided the verdict on Pandemona a creature that looks like a demon, but seems to be fairly innocent. The book covers the interviews with Pandemona and the events that take place around those interviews.

Although this is set in a fantasy world with its own religions etc, it does touch on the the religious side a fair bit, what would a religious group do if a real-life demon was found today?

The books has been completely released, so you can listen without having to wait for a new chapter to be released.

The recording quality of the podcast is lets this one down, there is an issue with the records which means that the voice track is too quiet to listen to on an iPhone, but is OK through the Mac speakers. and the story is nicely read by the Veronica Giguere, with only a few mistakes left in.

On the upside:

  • Interesting story line.
  • Solid piece of Fantasy writing

On the downside:

  • A little dark and sexy at times.
  • The end was a little disappointing.
  • Poor quality recording caused issues when listening on the iPhone.

Overall, this is well written piece of Fantasy that made for an interesting listen. The sound recording let this one down for me, as I could not listen on the move. The story kept me interested, but left things a bit unfinished at the end. It is well worth a listen and will keep your interest. 

Rating: 70%

Average Running Time: 20-50 minutes per episode

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: The Ballad of Iron Percy – A free audiobook by Edward Clark

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