15 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Khan Academy for HP webOS : 75%

This application bring together all the Khan Academy you tube available on the web and then makes them easy to navigate and brings them into one application. Clearly you will need WiFi available to use this one. The application really does not give you anything you could not already do on the web, but the content is what makes this app worth downloading. The videos are very educational and can help the young and old how to do maths and other acedemic skills. : 73%

This application offers a huge number of internet radio stations to select from in a easy to navigate application. Works best in landscape, as if you drill down in Portrait things get a little squashed. You can set up favorites and if you set up an account. Otherwise, you can just listen or find the stations manually. There is a good search option that will help you find the radio stations you are looking for. The column display need a bit of tweaking as they often hide or overlap. There are a lot of UK radio stations, but not all and some like the BBC radios are absent.

Investment Guide + : 68%

This application brings together several Forbes articles covering several financial areas and give advice on investments. The articles have very general advice and generally do not go into detail. If you have not got much of a clue on investment matters then it can make for an interesting read. The content is fairly thin on the ground in some areas, so you may not find all the information you need, but it may offer a good starting off point. I cannot complain too much as the app is free after all.

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