15 Nov

Asteroids Gunner is an update on classic Asteroids and is released by Atari.

“Experience the next evolution in the legendary Asteroids franchise! Blast your way through deadly asteroids fields and alien war ships to become the most wealthy and powerful Gunner in space history! Work your way to the top of the gritty crystal mining business by traversing through the galaxy and collecting the treasures of the cosmos. Upgrade your ship as you climb up the intergalactic ranks and become a force to be reckoned with!”

Upon loading this game up I was surprised at how much it felt like I had played this game before. However, is was not Asteroids it reminded me of, but another iOS game called Space Miner, especially its sister app Space Miner Blast. Not sure if any of the Atari teams came from the developers of that game. This said, Asteroids Gunner is an improvement over the Space Miner Blast.

This is your standard Asteroids game, but instead of the originals more dodge and shoot style, this version gives you a rotatable gun and several power ups to really give you the ability to blast those asteroids.

The basics of the game are that you go from wave to wave of asteroids collecting the ore (crystals) that is dropped (to used for cash) and collecting up the power ups along the way. When all the asteroids are clear you will be able to collect a star and move onto the next wave. A trip to the shops is offered at the end of each wave to repair or upgrade your ship.

You will mainly be shooting Asteroids in the game, but the occasional enemy ship will make an appearance from time to time.

The power ups are generally useful, with many making quick way of near by asteroids, but the power ups are always short lived lasting only around ten seconds at most.

This is were you need to way up what is best to buy, do you fill the ship with some short term powers, try to buy some of the upgrades that last called Skills (like better guns and power up slots) or hope that you will gain the power ups in game to clear the wave. There are also three ships available to use (two of which need to be unlocked) 

There are three areas to play through Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with what appears to be 50 waves in each. This is a lot of waves, however, with very little difference in the gameplay it is not that great.

The game offers so in app purchases and these are needed if you really want to jump ahead in the game, you will be looking at spending at least £1.99 for a big jump like unlocking the ships and moving into Beta before you clear Alpha. 

The graphics still have a nod at the orginal, but generally feel up-to-date and nicely done. The sound is very good too.

On the upside:

  • An excellent fast paced shooter.
  • Lots of power ups to find and buy.
  • Unversal and Free.

On the downside:

  • Some things need Space Bucks to get and this looks like it can only be done with real-world cash.
  • Gameplay is a little repetitive, but great in short doses.

Overall, this is a great shooter which is fun to play. It feels in design more like a Freemium game than the original asteroids, but I am glad to say that you do not need to make any purchases to play it. There is no real depth to the game, but for the casual blast this is good fun and well worth the download.

Rating: 81%

Size: 61.1 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium

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