14 Nov

iOS 5.0.1 was released last week, to fix some issues with with battery and iCloud, but was that the big news?

The big news about the update was that it could be done “Over-The-Air”, this is nothing special in the mobile technology market with Android, webOS and Windows phone already doing it, and have been for years in some cases.

The fact that iOS can do it is big because now you no longer have to link the iPhone to the computer to activate or update the software.

As far as they news reports have gone the update has been done very well and there have been no reports of the updates bricking phones (something that other systems have done in the past)

This really does open the iPhone up for more people, especially those Windows users who did not want to install iTunes on their machines. It also brings Apple in line with the other mobile operating systems, so it is one less “we have something iOS does not have” point.

Along with the announcement by Adobe that it is stopping development of mobile flash things are looking up for Apple as the unique selling points of others in the market disappear.

Lets hope that other operating systems raise their game and we can have some really great new selling points. That can only be good for the mobile market place.

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