13 Nov

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

Apple News:

  • iOS 5.0.1 released over-the-air, some battery issues still not resolved.
  • iPhone 4S released in more countries, sold out in Hong Kong in 10 minutes.
  • Exploit in iOS safari found, but rumoured to have been patched now.
  • Apple say that Siri is iPhone 4S only. Will not be made available for older devices.
  • Panorama option for photos hidden in iOS 5.
  • Apple update iOS Apple Store app for EasyPay in stores.
  • iCloud still having issues as more countries come online.
  • US Music Match reset again for developers, but still no public release yet.
  • Rumour: iOS 5 has already been upgraded on 40% of the devices that can run it.
  • Order and Chaos accounts hacked again.
  • More details on Infinity Blade 2 released and it sounds impressive.
  • Amazon give Stanza a final update after complains, but this one will be the last.
  • Atari release a new Asteriods game (Asteroids Gunner)
  • Gamelofts Dungeon Hunter 3 coming soon, screens shot now available.
  • Doctor Who offical Encyclopedia app released. Very good, but expensive. 

In other tech news:

  • HP hold a meeting of all webOS staff and tell them they have still not decided, and to wait another month.
  • Adobe stop development of Flash for mobile. RIM have suggested they want to develop it now.
  • Rumours that Silverlight may also be on its way out as well. 
  • Mobile gaming market now belongs to Android and iOS (Nintendo down from 70% to 36% in two years)
  • Amazon increase production orders for the Kindle Fire (could be 5 millions units in total.)
  • Amazon purchase iOS develoers Yap (maybe looking at voice control for Kindle)
  • Steam gaming service is hacked.
  • Logitech admit a $100 million lost on the Google TV.
  • Face recognition on the Android 4.0 can be fooled into unlocking by a photo.
  • Barnes and Noble update the Nook Tablet in the US.
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