INC [IOS] – REVIEW (85%)

13 Nov

Inc is a retro style platform shooter game and is released by OrangePixel.

“The year 2135, the world is ruled by Corporations, humans are slowly being replaced by robots and machines, and the most powerful humans are now looking for ways to transfer their souls into robots, for eternal life.”

Gameplay wise, you have to navigate your way through the level jumping on platforms, dodging or killing enemies by shooting them with you gun (which luckily has unlimited ammo). Within the level you will need to find three special targets (Boosters) that need to be activated to activate the teleporter at the end of the level. Some of these boosters are hidden, and you need to shot the hiding places to raise the boosters upwards. Some of these hidding places are hard to find.

The dangers in the game include your enemy who can shot back, falling rocks, flames and of course falling down the many holes that populate the levels.

Your hero has a health bar, so most of the time you will take damage then losing your life. It is vital to get through the last level of a stage by taking minimal damage as you will need the health for the boss battle.

Each level offers three star on completion. These are awarded for completing the level in the time limit, killing all the enemies and having spare lift left.

The game has 40 levels to play over four area. However, until you complete a level you cannot move onto the next, so if you get stuck on a level you are really stuck.

You also seem to gain experience, but it appears to be lost when you die, so I have not worked out what the use of it.

The controls are very good with the left and right button for movement and buttons to fire and jump.

The graphic and sound are both retro in style. The graphics make nice use moving shifting the foreground graphics infront of the main game movement.

This is also a universal application and plays great on all devices.

On the upside:

  • Fast and Fun retro action.
  • Universal App.

On the downside:

  • Some platforms appear on shooting a switch, however, they often disappear far too quickly, needing perfect timing to jump across before they vanish.
  • Game was bugged when first loaded, closing and restarting fixes it. (the developers are working on a fix)

Overall, this is an excellent retro style platform game. It reminds me in styling of canabalt, but that is not a bad thing. The actions is tough, but not impossible. I enjoyed this title greatly, it many not have the bells and whistles on that other games, but it has the main thing you look for in all retro games… Playability.

Rating: 85%

Size: 14.7 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.49

Link: INC – OrangePixel

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