13 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

TweetPad : 67%

This is a nice little twitter client, that works fairly well, however, it is really just a preview for the Pro version, so some of the more advanced functions of Twitter are not available. It is also limited to only one Twitter account which is not much good for me. That said, all the basics are covered. If you are looking for a full featured client then Spaz is a better download, but this one is worth a look.

Sixt : 66%

This application links you into a rental service were you can book cars and vans. I covers a surprisingly large amount of countries and offers lots of locations in the UK. Prices are also available in pounds which is also great. There is nothing that cannot be found on their website, but if you already an account holder with them it is a nice way to see the vehicles available and select from them.

Pixelism Free : 65%

A demo the full version that is also available on the App Catalog. This application allows you to draw a picture using small graphics, with a selection of graphics available (circles, squares, hearts etc). The demo is also limited in colours (although when you click a random pattern you can see more). It is a nice little application, but as a demo a little too limited (removing the save and load would have been enough as a limit). The paid app looks like it may interesting and hopefully we will look at it in the future.

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