09 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Nitrobeard : 68%

This application is basically a feed reader from the website. Giving you links to the blog and the podcast feeds. The app is nicely laid out and easy to navigate, but this is nothing here that is not available on the website. The contents are about video games and the odd beard, and can be of interest to gaming fans with a bit of new and retro thrown in.

Timesheet : 67%

This is a bit of a strange time sheet application, it does work and you can log your time both manually or automatically via the application. However, it does some strange calculation based on Core Time, that just gave some strange results. If does allow for export to be exported via Email using CSV or HTML. Some my find this useful, but it does not give me the type of control I would be looking for.

Iron Chariots : 60%

This is basically a web based application that allows you to access the Iron Chrariots Wiki pages. Iron Chariots provides arguments for an against God and tries to do it in a fairly neutral manner. If you are interested in religion and the arguments for and against this may be an interesting site for you. The app itself is reasonable, but as linked to Wiki means it is navigated like a wiki.

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