07 Nov

Lots of people say that webOS will be kept alive by the developers, but what are the developers and HP doing?

Well HP themselves have released an update for the Touchpad in the last few weeks and rumours are that there many be another updates in the works. On the Pre 3 side, as it was never really officially launched the signs are not to good.

Several developers like OceanHouse Media and Piscel are releasing new big name products onto the HP App Catalog, but was this more because they were deep into the product cycle and it would have been a waste of time and money pulling the projects when they were so close to completion, with the chance of selling them to the large and loyal webOS group who purchased the Touchpad?

Other developers like Critix have pulled out, when there Critix receiver software could have been great for moving webOS into the business market place long term. So why did HP not asked them to continue with the development is HP themselves have long term goals for webOS. Do HP now see the webOS operating system just as consumer entertainment software now?

It does look like many developers are staying loyal to webOS for now and continue to develop for it. Some are eyeing Windows Phone 7.5, iOS  and Android with the future in mind, after all if they develop software for a living then they need to be able to go where they can make the most money. The hobbist developers are more likely to stick with webOS, but that may start to effect the general quality of the apps being released on the App Catalog.

What we really need now is a decision from HP on what is the future for webOS. With all the other companies moving full steam ahead with there operating systems and hardware partners, HP need to act soon or will be left totally behind and webOS will die a slow death.  

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