07 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Brain Cube HD : 64%

A fairly basic puzzle game with you moving a rectangle block around a puzzle grid trying to get the angle right so you can drop the block out the hole in the grid. This free version is supported by advertisements. The developer has done a nice job on the UI and the game looks the part. If you are short on puzzle games then this one is worth a look, otherwise it is not a vital download.

Unit Converter App : 60%

This is a simple conversion program that allows you to convert Bytes, Lengths and Money into Words. The Bytes and Length can be useful, not so much the money into words. I would like to see a lot more conversions added before this application becomes more useful, but at the moment is just reasonable.

WebPass Pro : 50%

I am not so sure about this password application, it asks you nine personal questions before allowing you to create your first passwords within the application. This is done to create a profile. This seems unnecessary. The softwares says it uses the information to create passwords and does not store or send the information, but it does not make me like it. It only allows you to generate passwords between 6 and 9 characters, when I normally make mine more characters than this. This application is lacking for me, and I would not recommend.

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