05 Nov

The Moogies is a kids entertainment application released by Chillingo Ltd.

“Welcome to the house of fun. Say hi to The Moogies, the crazy, comical, colorful characters that are here to keep kids aged 2-6 entertained.”

The application gives you access to the nine different Moogies to play with. Once you select the Moogie you will see a screen with that Moogie and you can speak to them via the microphone and they talk back in their silly babbling language. You can touch objects on screen and watch something happening.

You can click on the lightbulb and switch it off. There is a horse on a running machine, you can click the green button and set it running.

Some of the interactions can be done a number of times for different things, others you touch one and they repeat the same action again and again. Some objects fail to interact all together, but there are not many of these, most items do something if touched.

This application is designed for 2 to 6 years old, but when compared with other applications for kids it does not interact in the same way. There is nothing to show the younger children that there is something to interact with.

My daughter who is 4 clicked happily on the images on the menu, but when the creatures animated to take the call then waited my daughter was confused at the lack of visual prompting. She shouted at the device waiting it to repeat her words like other apps of this type, but the app either did not respond or repeated the same dabbling speak which disappointed her.

I had to show her she could click on things around the screen. She was happy then, but found it strange that she could click on some things and they would interact and others did nothing.

The graphics and sound are good with the Moogies being well animated and cute.

On the upside:

  • Cute characters.
  • Some funny scenes can be triggered.
  • Nice little touches like knocking the door on the menu screen and the water spray effects.

On the downside:

  • It would be better if items you could interact with would sparkle or move, for younger kids.
  • Some of the pages interact more than others.
  • If the Moogies could play back the childs voice in their dabbled speak this may be better.

Overall, the developers have done a nice job in developing the Moogie creatures and they are well animated and there is a lot to interact with. However, I think they have not tested it with too many kids of the age group they are aiming at. A few moments of my daughter using it showed its flaws for her. I think with a few tweaks these could be fixed and it would be much more fun for my daughter and hopefully other kids.

Rating: 75%

Size: 215 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.99

Link: The Moogies – Chillingo Ltd

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