05 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

TV Guide : 70%

A useful application that shows the channels and times of programs in your country. This app covers most European countries, including the UK. You are able to navigate easily around it and like on programs for more information. Come programs show thumbnails of the show, making them easier to find. Not all UK channels are covered, but a fair few. The only major flaw with the app, if since daylight saving kicked it, it shows the programs as being on an hour after they are really on, so needs a tweak to fix this.

GPortal : 65%

This application is a browser in its own right, but with quick links to the various Google service that (if you are a heavy Google user) will wish to switch between quickly. For navigation this works well. The application also allows you to filter the buttons, so you can remove any services you are not interested in. My main issue with the application is that it is a lower resolution that the standard browser (800×600) and also seems to have issues loading some of the services (like gmail) which something like advanced browser works fine with.

Download That! : 61%

It you have ever had issues downloading something on the Touchpad, like a podcast file from a web page etc, you will know how annoying the browser can be for downloading the file, rather than the Touchpad streaming it. This application allows you to cut and paste the URL of the file and then will download it for you. The application is not able to open the file at this stage. The application does not have a great users interface and does not tell you it saves it into media/internal/downloads. If the UI and features could be improved this could be a very useful application.

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