02 Nov

Picsel Smart Office is an Office Suite released by Picsel UK Ltd.

SmartOffice is still a few days for release, and at present looks like it will be version 1.8. This is by not means the finished product, but a stepping stone to the final version. Version 1.9 has some additional options that will make the product even better. However, I can only review what I have been provided, so this is how the 1.8.3 build currently stands.

This application allows you to edit and create Microsoft Office files be it Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

SmartOffice does a good job at opening existing documents from office, and unusual does so which ruining the format like QuickOffice can do. This means that it is good for editing documents on the move.

The word processor side is OK, but lacks a lot of the standard features of a word processor. Things like spell checker, word count, tables etc are all missing.

The spreadsheet side is the best of the supported files. It is both easy to use and I have been able to set up a fairly complex spreadsheet without the need of a computer. Do not expect charts etc, but all the basics are covered here.

Presentation – the power point support is solid, but not great, allowing you to create slides with text only, change the orders around and fix spelling mistakes etc.

When it comes to editing your document, SmartOffice uses contextual controls, which basically means that the controls will not appear until you highlight something and then will offer things like formating and colours on the highlighted sections.

I am a fan of contextual controls as they give a lot more screen to work in, and stay out of the way as you get the documents written, and you then focus at the end in formating things. However, if you are one of those people who don’t, then SmartOffice really is not for you.

As well as supporting local copies SmartOffice also allows you to link to Dropbox and Google Docs.

There is an excellent help file that tells you how to use the tools and format your documents.

Files can be saved locally, although I wish the application had created its own SmartOffice folder to save it in. 

The application user interface is very good in most areas.

On the upside:

  • Nice User interface
  • Solid and easy to use Spreadsheet.
  • Very good at editing existing files.
  • Links to Dropbox and Google Docs.

On the downside:

  • No autocorrect.
  • Not great for creating documents with anything more than text (until v1.9)
  • Strange and near useless 3D option.

Overall, this is an excellent application for using office documents on the move. I found it easier to use that QuickOffice, especially on the Spreadsheets. The application is very good for editing existing documents, but for new documents you will be looking at creating text only Documents and Presentations. It is a great alternative to QuickOffice especially if you like a “clean area” to work in. When version 1.9 is released and addition of images is added this should become the must have “office” application on the Touchpad.

Version: 1.8.3

Rating: 82%

Size: 10 MB

Price (at time of review): $10 (Around £7-8 TBC)

Link: Smart Office – Picsel UK Ltd


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