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SpinTrip is a wacky platform game released by

“Take it for a spin… You have been sent on a quest by the wise old sage. The evil Gants have stolen her magical Shims and it’s up to you, a little ’tisu, to get them back. Equipped with your wheel and the mystical power of the Chibs, embark on a fantastical adventure across the world of Canoo!”

This game is a mix of platform game and puzzle game, with you trying to make your way through a level to the exit. Along the way you will pick up power ups that will allow you passage past some blockages. The platform action itself is not fast paced, but a bit more towards the puzzle solving side, however, this does not mean that you do not not reasonable timing when making jumps etc.

The power ups come in the way of collecting the Chibs, the powers over last a limited time and are over active after collecting a Chib and adding it to your wheel. Many of the powers can overly be used against specific items on the level, like the ones for breaking stone or ice.

Gameplay wise, you roll around the 2D level scrolling left or right. You have a jump button and a special power button. There are also several buttons that become available as you collect the Chibs.

The game has a story mode to explore the world and finding the Shims for the wise old sage. There appears to be 16 levels to the game, but there may be more. 

My main issue with the game are the large number of buttons needed to select the powers that you can use, the colours of some are similar and you need to learn the button locations. Often you will press the button expecting one power to trigger and then find that another is selected. Fortunately, the game is not too fasted passed, so normally you have a moment to check the power and try again.

The graphics and sound are both excellent, with the graphics having a nice cartoon style.

On the upside:

  • Nicely designed platform game.
  • Lots of powers to use.
  • Alternative routes and options at times.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive game play.
  • Powers are often difficult to find and you are left searching for the right button.
  • Crashes when exiting the map sometimes.

Overall, this is a fun platform game with lots to do and several powers to keep things interesting, however, the user interface lets it down with the mix of buttons leaving you searching for the power you want to use, oftern leaving you to take a hit from the enemy while you try to switch to the right one. If the selection of powers could be tweaked in some way, the gameplay would be much improved. It is still well worth a look at the current asking price of 69p.

Rating: 81%

Size: 23.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: SpinTrip –

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