01 Nov

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

Precentral News HD (unofficial) : 65%

This is another application for people looking to keep up to date with webOS news. This application allows you to read the news items from the PreCentral website and also listen to the Palmcast and read webOS related Tweets. There is really nothing in this app that cannot be found using the browser, but again is nice to have it all in one application. However, you will often find yourself looking at those same webpages as the application drops you to them for more information, of the media player for video playback.

Aceleracion : 50%

I must admit that this app has me vexed, it says particles move with tilting of the device and changes colours when you tap the screen. Well its does a bit, at times. Looks pretty enough, but looks like someone trying to program for the Touchpad for the first time.

Cutting Board : 30%

Prank you friends and pretend your touchpad is a cutting board made out of wood or plastic. Amazing, take a photo of a piece of wood and a piece of plastic and then write a few lines of code and release on the app store. Needless to say, do not bother to waste the time downloading this one. [Mind you, I have a metal desk and a camera on the Touchpad, I have just had an idea for a new app.]

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