31 Oct

iCloud has not been the introduction to the Cloud that many had hoped, and here are my experiences.

With the launch on October 12th brought us iOS 5 and iCloud. Quickly about ten percentage of iOS users upgraded to iOS 5 and immediately iCloud began to stuggle a little. I, for one, was not able to upgrade for almost two days due to having a Mobile me account, so we prevented from upgrade “due to demand”. Late on October 13th I managed to join the iCloud.

On the 14th October, 4 million iPhone 4S accounts were added to the iCloud along with those still upgrading.

So since then, things have calmed down a little, but issues still continue. It has not been the dark days of MobileMe but just ongoing issues that have not given us the feeling that things are working correctly. During the last fortnight I have had the following issues.

My iPhone which has Pages and Numbers installed, so I can do work on documents stored on my iPad on the go, suddenly (on about the 20th October) the iPhone lost all the iWork files it had been syncing with the iCloud. The apps contained nothing but the demo document that is first installed. After trying several times to get the app to sync, nothing happened. I was on the move, but no documents to work on. Three days later I opened Numbers on the iPhone and it suddenly began to sync and has been working OK since then.

Mail has been having issues pushing data, I would open mail after not receiving data for several hours and then suddenly twelve emails appeared, including an urgent email that needed to be dealt with two hours before. It was my fault for not opening mail before, but I had been use to mail appearing as it came in during iOS 4 and MobileMe.

Several services have been unavailable for time to time, with the web version of mail not working.

Another issue has been the syncing of calendars, so I change an event on my iPhone for an appointment and it synced up to the Cloud, I returned back to the office to have the iPad calendar system bleep a reminder for the meeting that have been moved at the original meeting time.

I understand that there are millions of people using iCloud and that Apple could not test for all these millions of users at once, however, they had claimed that they had learnt from MobileMe, but the same issues seem to have carried into the iCloud service.

Hopefully these are just teething issues that will be sorted in the next month or two, as more users upgrade to iOS 5.

For now, however, it is really just a matter of remembering that for now that “It does not just work”, so keep an eye of things and be prepared for when it does not.

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