30 Oct

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

Apple News:

  • Steve Jobs Bio released and immediately becomes the No:1 book.
  • Apple post Steve Jobs tribute event video.
  • Job’s Bio claims that Job’s had worked out a way to make a true Television by Apple.
  • MacBook Pro range updated – minor updates only.
  • iPod celebrates its 10th Year.
  • Apple update iPhoto, now 9.2.1.
  • Apple update Apple TV software, now 4.4.2.
  • Newstands subscriptions jump 268%.
  • Apple give away copies of Jetpack Joyride using facebook promo codes.
  • Apple update HP printer drivers and Thunderbolt software.
  • Apple employees in Italy strike before iPhone 4S release.
  • Users report issues with battery life on the iPhone 4S, many due to notification system, but not all.
  • Rumour: Apple has purhased another 3D mapping company C3 Technologies.
  • Rumour: Apple Engineers investigating users battery issues with iPhone 4S.
  • Rumour: Apple will release a TV in 2012. Channels could be Apps.
  • Rumour: Apple exploring gesture controls for mobile devices using camera.
  • Rumour: iTunes match will soon be available in the U.S.
  • Rumour: Classic game – The Longest Journey – could be coming soon to iOS.
  • Siri hacked to work on other iOS devices. 
  • Lots of Halloween sales.
  • BioWare working on an iOS Mass Effect 3 tie-in.

In other tech news:

  • HP plan to keep their PC business, future not so clear for webOS.
  • Rumour: HP could shut down webOS section in November.
  • Several of HP’s key webOS staff leave, Richard Kerris moves to Nokia.
  • Nokia show first Window phones – Lumia. The press are generally impressed. Spains speakers no so much as it translates as “Hooker / Call Girl”
  • Smartphone sales decline for the first time, just before iPhone 4S release, as everyone waited for iPhone news.
  • Nintendo continue to make a loss but to the rise of mobile gaming and not selling their titles on iOS.
  • Amazon to introduce new Kindle format, but not compatiable with their older devices. 
  • Android fragmentation should end with Ice Cream Sandwich, just make sure you buy a new photo with it.
  • Rumour: Google concerned by Siri search, as nowhere to place ads.
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