30 Oct

Three more free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment.

APPY Geek : 68%

Lots of tech news all in one application. Taken from several sources the news stories can be a bit of a mixed batch. You have the preference on how often the new feeds are updated, but no real control of the sources of the news. This one is worth a go and see if it has the stories you want.

iUS States Atlas for TouchPad : 66%

Useful and fact filled application with information of each of the American states, including maps, key cities, flags and mottos as well as demographic information. Nothing that cannot be found on an internet search, but makes for a nice reference application that can be used offline. Good for those wanting to learn more about the USA.

GraphCalc : 60%

This application is more for the maths geeks out there who need to plot a graph on the X and Y axis, although it is not how I would have done it, it is more than likely I am wrong. Useful that it can export the graph to an image that can be saved out. I am sure that some people will find this app very useful, just not me.

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