27 Oct

The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn is a movie tie-in released by Gameloft.

“Explore the exciting world of The Adventures of Tintin in the official iPhone & iPad game of the movie! Treasure and adventure await those who seek to unravel the Secret of the Unicorn!”

This game puts you in control of TinTin and other characters from the movie in this adventures that takes you on a journey from old mansions, to a ship at sea to the desert sands.

On the story line is solid and each location is well designed with varied gameplay to keep you interested. Each stage is held together by small cut scenes like a 3D photo in a book. I felt this was better than cutting away to FMV for the film or similar, as the cut scenes used the same graphics and kept you in the story.

Also changing to play Snowy the dog and Captain Haddock also means that the story line can move forward without having to suffer from FMV that jumps the story, so keeping you solidly in the story.

Some of the game feels a little contrived, with TinTin suddenly getting a gun or Snowy finding a map. However, in the main things tie together well. 

Gameplay ranges from, but not limited to: stealthy exploring, puzzle solving, tilt controlled plane flight, “quick time” button pressing, “cut the rope” and even sword fighting.

The game borrows heavily for the game engine that Gameloft have used in the past, like the 3D adventuring and climbing up the sides of building, the Quick Time actions from games like 9mm etc. However, unlike some of the games they have been carefully considered and work really well together.

The graphics and sound are generally great and look like they have been taken from the movie screen. Music and Sound is also first rate.

On the upside:

  • Huge variety of gameplay.
  • Very exciting at times.
  • The feeling of being truly involved in the adventure.

On the downside:

  • Some levels go on a little too long (sword fight after sword fight.)
  • The game itself is a little short (but should give 5 or 6 hours or so of gameplay)
  • Sometimes need to trigger something to happen before something else works. Like tapping on the gates at the start of the game, rather than going to the clear way in directly.

Overall, this game is great if a little short lived. Most of the stages are an exciting adventure with so many mixes of gameplay to keep your interest level high. There may be the odd level you may not like so much, but due to the different elements these are soon forgotten. This game is well worth a look if you are looking for a great adventure and it is about the price of a movie ticket too.

Rating: 88%

Size: 846 MB (1.47 GB when installed)

Price (at time of review): £4.99

Link: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – The Game – Gameloft

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