26 Oct

Civiballs HD is a fun puzzle game released by

“Set off on a puzzle adventure through three of the most famous civilizations in history, the Roman, the Vikings and the Incans. Get the colored ball in the corresponding vase to complete the puzzle, but watch out—things get tricky and you’ll need to use your head, and some quick reactions to solve later levels. Easy to pick up and play, with colorful visuals and classic puzzle gameplay, Civiballs is a brain teasing adventure not to be missed.”

This game really looks and feels like a mix between cut the rope and incredible machines, which all in all is not a bad start at all.

You are tasked with trying to solve logic puzzles, where you have several colour balls that need to go into the correctly coloured vases, however, you are not able to move them directly, you have to use items and other balls on the levels in the correct order and with the right timing to achieve this.

The game offers three time zones (Roman, Viking and incan) each of these has around twenty levels making the original release 60 levels, plus some bonus levels if you using the crystal system.

Along the way you can try and collect gem stones by getting the balls to touch them. As you collect enough of these you will be able to move onto the area.

The gameplay moves away a lot from cutting chains that hold the balls and objects on the level. Timing can play a key element on a few levels, but in most you have a long time to solve the puzzle..

The graphics and sound are both nice, but nothing special. The in-game graphics are functional rather than exciting.

On the upside:

  • Some great puzzles.
  • Universal.

On the downside:

  • Game is fairly short. (finished (without all gems) in under three hours)
  • Lack of interaction with the levels.

Overall, this game is a fun brain teaser and work very well. The puzzles are at the right level, tough, but not unsolvable and you can skip a few that stump you. If you like this type of puzzle game it is well worth a look especially at the introductory price of £0.69 for the universal version.

Rating: 81%

Size: 69.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Civiballs HD –

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