24 Oct

October is almost at an end and he have had the best month at InternetGumshoe ever.

We have already seen more visitors and page views from last month, and the month is not even over yet.

Over the last few weeks we have made several changes to the InternetGumshoe site, with some additional advertisements that a few of you have not been keen on and the new RSS feeds that many of you like.

We have been reviewing how things are going on the site, and have been making decisions for the future. However, we want to get you involved as well.

Our site is now split almost 50 / 50 between iOS and webOS, with our Mac following falling off, so now we plan to only cover Mac software where it has a sister piece of software on iOS.

We have been doing the Free App Round Up for webOS and these have been very popular indeed, however, we are running out of free software to cover. So, we are going to change this to three pieces of software, and do a bit more of a review, rather than the one liners. We hope you will find these better and we will not run out of webOS software to review.

We will start to do an iOS Free App Round Up every three days to see how it goes, as there are many other sites that cover iOS free Apps.

For now we plan to stick with an iOS and webOS article every day, but what about the third? Some of these have been receiving low hits, so which ones would you like to see continue and which ones do you not care about and are there any articles you would like to see take their place.

The one option we have added back in, is allowing comments on articles. This will be for a trial period and we will see how things work out. This will be the first article that will allow comments, so please feel free to add yours.

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  1. RossMonkey

    October 24, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Well done on the increasing traffic. I am happy for the "Free App Round up" to change from four to three applications, as I would prefer some more detail on why you liked / disliked the app.


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