23 Oct

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

Apple News:

  • Apple reports fourth quarter results – Massive profits even with the iPhone 4S not included. 
  • Apple sells 4 million iPhone 4S’s in opening weekend.
  • AT&T see tremedous demand for the iPhone 3GS as it is now free with a contract.
  • Apple announces iOS 5 tech talks world tour.
  • iPhone 4S and Siri gets first TV ad.
  • Empty Newsstand gets a record number of magazine app subscriptions.
  • Apple pushing hard to get users to update to iOS 5.
  • Rumour: Apple Testing a 7 inch tablet (unlikely in my view)
  • Order and Chaos Online gets hacked, Gameloft say to change your Gameloft account passwords.
  • Soiul Calibur is coming to iOS.
  • Merlin coming to iOS.
  • Goodreader adds iCloud support.

In other tech news:

  • Samsung and Google launch Galaxy Nexus with 4.65 inch screen.
  • Amazon addresses privacy on Silk browser (if you don’t want the extra speed, switch off server caching)
  • Andy Rubins says “Apps should not be tablet specific” and “Phones should not be an assistant.” 
  • Foxconn rumoured to be working on Kindle Fire 2 already.
  • Samsung gets into more hot water using an iOS screen shot on its own website.
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