23 Oct

Fara is a classic style RPG released by Pixel and Texel.

Our hero is pulled out of his own time and is washed up on a beach in Fara. To add insult to injury he finds he has a slimey (and talking) creature stuck to his arm.

The game itself has your character walking around the with a top down view similar to Zelda. When you talk with characters a nice well drawn image of the person will appear on the side of the text area.

Combat is done in real time, with you pressing the attack / action button to attack them, you of course need to be facing the right direction.

The adventure side work well with you picking up quests that are visible on the world map, and you move around by following the pathway and flipping onto the next screen.

The game really shines on the humour, the main character and all the people he meets have their own quirks and even the slimy Furolles have a personally of their own.

The game has a few minor flaws like the shield sections that switch controls to tilt, rather than letting you continue to the virtual control stick. There is also an ice cave with an annoying place blocks on pressure pads against a heavy wind that also annoys.

The graphics and sound are both very good, but the characters lack a little on the animation side.

On the upside:

  • Great little adventure.
  • Nice humour.
  • Some old fashion fun.

On the downside:

  • Let down a little by the controls, use the virtual joystick for a better experience.
  • A little on the short side.

Overall, this a well designed little adventure game. It is not really an RPG as such due to the lack of character progression, but it is still a fun game to play. I hope there will be more to come from this game, but for now the £0.69 is a fair price to pay for a few hours of adventuring in the World of Fara.

Rating: 80%

Size: 26.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Fara – Pixel and Texel


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