22 Oct

HellBreak is a “jump” game with a difference and is released by Adam Vlcek.

“There are legends about people returning from real blazing Hell. But, as you may know, such a breakout is no easy task to do…”

The game puts you in control of a poor soul who is burning in Hell.

The basics of the game has you appearing at the foot of the screen and you need to move around the screen avoiding enemies and jumping through holes in the skull platforms to make you way up the screen to the gateway to escape the level.

Things start off easy enough with just needing to get your timing right to jump up through the holes at get to the top of the screen.

However, as the game progresses the punishment becomes much harsher. With it the one major flaw of the game is reveal. If you fall down a level, it the level above with your head or get hit by an enemy you are stunned for good seconds or so, which is more than enough for you to fall all the way down the screen, getting hit by other enemies on the way. If the stun had been half a second or the ability to fall a level without punishment the game would have been far more enjoyable to play.

Even if you were not stunned by bumping your head of the roof would improve things.

The game is controlled by either motion contol or touch (dragging left and right, and swiping up to jump) rather work well, I would have far preferred the option of a virtual joystick and a jump button for better control.

The graphics and sound are both good, but nothing outstanding.

On the upside:

  • Universal App.
  • Interesting game indeed if the flaws can be fixed.

On the downside:

  • The length of time stunned when you fall down is too long.
  • Poor Controls.
  • Repetitive game play.

Overall, this is not a very fun game to play. The idea is fine, just badly executed. The time you get stunned leaves you falling all the way back down the screen and losing a life in the process. The stun needs to shortened in time or the ability to fall one level without being stunned would greatly improve this game. I hope the developer can address the flaw and add a virtual joystick.

Rating: 66%

Size: 15.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.49

Link: Hellbreak – Adam Vlcek

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