20 Oct

Galaxy Pirate Adventure is an RPG / strategy game released by Sunfish Studios Ltd.

“Acting as the son of the Galaxy Pirate King, you begin an exciting journey to fight against enemies, to form your fleet, to become a commodity trader, and to discover the secret of the galaxy and your true identity.”

The game puts you in command a pirate fleet (well one flagship to start with) and you take on various missions to raid ships and steal cargos etc.

The game offers forty hours of gameplay with a large galaxy composed of 40 starports, 10 solar systems to explore.

The missions will have you travel to a planet, upon arrival you will combat the ship you have been sent to attack. This is played out with you moving closer and away from the target, shielding yourself and firing weapons with the one screen buttons. The combat works fairly well, but lacks a true feeling of control as you quickly tap on the missile buttons time after time. Once the battle is won you are awarded a cash bounty and also the ability to sell the stolen goods.

As the game progresses you will gain in levels, and be awarded achievements. You will be able to buy or find weapons and armour that you can upgrade your ships with. One issue is that in the early stages of the game none of the space stations do not even seem to have a single item in stock, I would have at least been able to see them, even if I could not afford the prices, to get an idea what I was building up to.

Each mission will have you deployed in an area over the city, and the mission objectives will be along the lines of shooting down several planes or surviving a set number of waves.

There is a story button in the galaxy map, but this is often grayed out and there you know you have not reached that part of the game yet.

The graphics are excellent and the galaxy looks amazing. The sound is nice, a little to loud at times, and suffers from sound dropout when loading new content etc.

My biggest issue with the game was it just seemed that it was a little confused and half polished in places. For example the first time you try and go on a mission you need to rotate your display to show the planet you wish to go to, and then tap on it. I must have missed this in the instructions as it took me a minute to work it out. However, when you undock and have not repaired and fueled, a helpful pop-up asks if you want to do this before undocking, so why not ask, do you want to warp to planet x now? Another example was I was trying to fit a missile launcher to my ship that showed 101/600 CPU, but when I tried to fit it (129 CPU) I was told not enough CPU available. A final small example is one of the planets is called Abandon, the same name used on the missions when you want to quit them.

On the upside:

  • Large galaxy to explore.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • A solid combat and trading game.

On the downside:

  • Confusing at times (first time you launch for the dock, CPU limits, lack of items)
  • Some sound breakup at times.
  • Memory Hungry (need to reset older devices before playing)

Overall, this game is so close to being a great game, but due to the some minor issues here and there just does not quite hit the mark. I hope with a few tweaks by the developers this could become the great game that is just waiting to show itself. I look forward to covering any updates in future, so now, it is a solid space trading adventure game, so if you are a fan worth checking out.

Rating: 79%

Size: 232 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: Galaxy Pirate Adventure – Sunfish Studio Limited

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