18 Oct

Contract Killer: Zombies is a freemium zombie defense game released by Glu.

This game puts you in control of the wheelchair bond “Shooter” who is given various missions to defend a girl who is collecting food and supplies for them both to survive in this Zombie Apocalypse.

When I downloaded I believed this would be another sniping game, like the original Contract Killer, however, this one is far closer to the action.

The idea behind the game is you give a map of the city and several missions you can try and complete. These are generally collect supplies, rescue survivors and killing zombies. You click on the mission you wish to try. It shows the rewards and the recommended weapon and you select play.

Gameplay wise, you have two weapons that you can switch between, and you have to defend any humans in the area. There are some explosive barrels around the level to help you out, as long as you do not explode them close to a human. You will face wave after wave of Zombies until the mission is completed.

As you progress in the game you are awarded XP and money to spend on weapons, however, after the first four or five missions the recommended weapon becomes something you are still well short of buying. You cannot reply missions to get more cash, you need to move onto harder and harder missions without a proper weapon to do it.

You end up taking long range shots with a pistol, as the snipe rifle is still out of your reach financially, unless you spend real world money to top up your funds. However, in game cash is very expensive in real world cash. £2.99 buys you 10,000 in game money (about 1 or 2 guns.) So be prepared to fork out a lot of cash if you want to go far on this game.

The application is controlled moving the gun sights with you finger and then pressing on screen buttons to zoom in, switch weapons and fire the weapon.

The sound and graphics are both good.

On the upside:

  • Well designed game of shot and defend.
  • Nice presentation.
  • Universal application.

On the downside:

  • Very repetitive gameplay
  • Difficulty increases faster than your in-game cash ever will.

Overall, this is a good little game, however, the game advances in difficulty a lot faster than the money you will be able to earn, almost forcing you into the in-app purchase to by the extra firepower to survive. Glu again have created a good game and then dog-legged it with a harsh in-app purchase model.

Rating: 75%

Size: 326 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium [in-app purchases for more cash and gold.)

Link: Contract Killer: Zombies – Glu Games Inc.

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